Simple CMS Platforms

Although we have labelled them as "Simple," these platforms are in no way "simple,' and are very powerful platforms, providing enhanced capabilities, including e-commerce, etc. However, we termed them as simple when compared to our more powerful and complex offerings described on this website. They are direct competitors for the more well-known website builders, such as Godaddy and WIX. They also provide enhanced security when compared to open-source platforms such as Wordpress, etc.
We are partners and/or resellers for three of the most advanced of these platforms, giving us the advantage of being able to recommend the best suited for each of our clients needs, capabilities, and budget.
All three platforms are simple to use and with the available online training videos and articles, they allow our clients to design and build their own website, or provide us with fast and efficient tools to build one for them in the most cost effective way, saving our clients thousands of dollars when compared with traditional design and build techniques.
If you need a professional looking website with the features and functionality normally associated with high-end, high-cost platforms, please fill out our questionnaire, linked below, and we will provide you with our recommendations on how this can be accomplished with a very low cost.

Website Hosting / Design Questionnaire

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