An Overview of Our Hosting Services

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    Advanced CMS Platforms

    Advanced CMS platforms include capabilities for integrated e-commerce and advanced programming techniques that allow us to construct complex, data-driven websites to our client's exact and unique requirements, such as directories with paid membership subscription, hooks for mobile apps, etc. We are partners / resellers for three of the most powerful CMS platforms available today. Although each provide similar functionality, some are more powerful and therefore, more expensive but by having all available, we are able to recommend the best for our clients, based upon their needs and budget constraints.

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    Simple CMS

    Although by no means "Simple, " our Simple CMS platforms are similar to website builders on Godaddy and Wix but rather than being just a number, we offer personalized services for our clients. These systems allow our clients to build their own or we can provide a professional website using these platforms for a very low cost. They are similar but, way more secure and easier to use than any open-source platforms, such as Wordpress, etc.

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    Static HTML and/or PHP

    We have our own dedicated VPS server for clients who want their websites developed as static HTML, or need to migrate a website developed in PHP.

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    Website Maintenance

    Not all business owners have the time or inclination to maintain their own website and therefore, we provide these services either for a monthly maintenance fee, or on ah hourly basis. Updates are normally done on the same day. 

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